Service and Empowerment

Service and Empowerment

Our graduates embark on their journeys into the world equipped with a profound sense of empowerment, armed with the knowledge, skills, and values they have acquired during their educational journey. Armed with a strong sense of purpose, they aspire to provide impactful service wherever they go, recognizing that their actions have the potential to transform lives and uplift society as a whole.

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Undergraduate & Graduate Students

4251 Deree Undergraduates
  • 3,219 degree seeking
  • 824 Parallel Studies in Greek public universities
  • 343 semester study abroad
  • 867 international from 70 countries and regions
381 Deree Graduate Students
  • 355 in 6 MA and 3 MS programs
  • 26 in 1 Graduate Certificate and 2 Graduate Diploma program
489 Alba Graduate Students
  • 291 in 9 MS programs
  • 123 in 3 MBA programs
  • 61 in 1 Online MBA program
  • 14 semester study abroad

Pre-K & Kindergarten








International Baccalaureate

Secondary Students

Pierce Students

For 100 years, our institution has been dedicated to providing a transformative education that not only equips students with knowledge and skills but also instills a deep sense of social responsibility. As a result, our graduates have consistently demonstrated their commitment to making a positive difference in society and improving the world around them.

As we celebrate our institution's centennial, we take immense pride in bringing out the best in our students and the country we have served since our relocation to Athens from Smyrna. We look forward to the next century of empowering students to make a meaningful impact on society, guided by the values that have defined us for the past 100 years.


Wishes & Quotes


Wishes & Quotes


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